Food manufacturers using conveyor belts, most of them use ordinary conveyor belt like Pu belt. Is there only Pu conveyor belt for food manufacturers? Of course not, some food processing in high temperature environment, Pu conveyor cant meet high temperature resistance requirements. In the mean time, Teflon conveyor belt is a good choice.

Teflon conveyor belt with very good high temperature resistance, can be worked for a long time in high temperature of 200 degree to 340 degree. The friction coefficient of Teflon conveyor belt is small, and the Teflon conveyor belt itself has good insulation and non stick properties, more and more people like to use it.

  • Specific of Pu conveyor belt.

1. Pu conveyor belt’s surface is polyurethane, it is transparent, clean, non toxic and tasteless, can be touch with food directly.

2. Oil resistance, water resistance and cutting resistance, it is thin, good toughness and high tensile strength.

3. Meet FDA food grade standard.

4. IT is durable, When reaching a certain thickness, it can be sued for cutter, and it can be cut repeatedly.

  • Specific of Teflon conveyor belt

1. High temperature resistant, can be used in temperature between -70 degree to 260 degree.

2. Chemical corrosion resistance, strong acid, alkali and various organic solvents.

3. Drug resistance and non toxic, almost withstand all medicine and articles.

4. Widely used for baking all kinds of food, thawing frozen food.

Now you can see there is not only Pu conveyor belt in food industries, Teflon conveyor belt also a good choice, but its price higher than Pu belt, so people mostly use it in high temperature food processing.