The graphite is added to the anti-static high temperature cloth in order to make the high temperature cloth appear black, and the anti-static agent is added so that the anti-static coefficient of the high temperature cloth reaches 106. The manufacturing principle: adding graphite and anti-static agent in the manufacturing process, making the material called anti-static material or conductive material, its excellent electrical conductivity makes it widely used in electronics industry, plastic industry, textile industry, printing industry, etc. .

Manufacturing principle of anti-static high temperature cloth and the static harms

Static harms

1. Electronics industry: adsorption of dust, breakdown of integrated circuits and precision electronic components, or aging components, reducing production yield; causing malfunction or malfunction of electronic equipment, causing electromagnetic interference; small charge can damage semiconductor components, most components on the device can be damaged with less than 1000 volts, and some can be damaged below 10 volts.

2.High-voltage electrostatic discharge causes motor to endanger personal safety.

3.Explosions and fires are easily caused in places where flammable or explosive materials or dust and oil mist.

4.Film and plastics industry: shrinking film which affecting quality.

5.Paper printing industry: paper winding is not uniform, overprinting is not allowed, serious suction, even paper bonding.

6.Textile industry: causing the roots to flutter, the yarn entanglement and other harms.