The service life of the Teflon conveyor belt is affected by the environment

Everyone buys the product and puts the price and service life of the item at the top of the list. Good products will take a long time. For Teflon conveyor belts, its service life is related to many factors, such as: work environment, work intensity, operation mode, equipment design, load material, Teflon conveyor belt joint, optional conveyor belt thickness, conveying With color and so on.

The textile printing and dyeing industry is one of the most widely used industries for Teflon mesh conveyor belts. It is mainly used for non-woven fabric drying, printing and drying, and screen rotary screen printing equipment. The service life is about one and a half years. Customers can even change for 3 years.

Teflon conveyor belt

The chemical industry is also one of the major industries for Teflon conveyor belt applications. Because Teflon has good corrosion resistance, but the conveyor belt will also shorten the service life when it comes into contact with corrosive materials for a long time. Therefore, the time used in the chemical industry is generally Half a year. The environment may be changed once a month.

The food industry uses a large number of Teflon mesh conveyor belts and Teflon conveyor belts. The main application equipment are food microwave drying equipment, food baking machines, food conveyors, etc. Because the food is light and non-corrosive, the conveyor belt Can be used for 2 years or longer.

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The future development trend of Teflon conveyor belt

Now Teflon conveyor belt has been widely used and applied. We are a factory specializing in the development, production and sales of Teflon conveyor belts. We believe that the future Teflon conveyor belt has the following trends:

Production process improvement

In the production technology of Teflon conveyor belts, we must continuously develop new technologies, new equipment and new technologies. Only the innovations of future enterprises will develop. It is necessary not only to strengthen the research and development of conveyor belt impregnation equipment, but also to continue to learn. Advanced production technology in the industry.

Teflon conveyor belt

Complete product range

It is necessary to continuously increase the types of Teflon conveyor belts, not only to develop horizontally, but also to develop vertically, to further increase the breadth and depth of Teflon conveyor belts, and to expand and extend on the basis of the original types.

Product quality assurance

To ensure the quality of Teflon conveyor belt products is the primary condition for production, the quality must be stable, not only to meet the needs of customers, but also to ensure the processing quality of conveyor belts, while at the same time to strictly grasp the manufacturing specifications.

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