PTFE Teflon tape has a smooth surface, good anti-adhesion, chemical and high temperature resistance and excellent insulation properties. It is widely used in packaging, thermoplastic, composite, sealing and sealing, electrical and electronic industries. Fabric-reinforced PTFE Teflon tape is more powerful.

Teflon tape use steps

1. Clean the surface of the drying cylinder that needs to be taped, pay attention to the surface without iron filings, and the surface is smooth.

2. Cut the tape longer than the required length (about 5 cm longer than the required length).

3, tear off the release paper, pay attention to tearing the edge paste, do not tear all at once, in the process of the paste can be used a piece of cloth (or newspaper) on the tape to flatten the friction, after the tape is finished to ensure both sides of the tape Rejoined together.

4. In the middle of the overlap of the tape, use a utility knife to draw a straight line (the length of the drying cylinder), tear off the A (as shown) with tape and open

5, after the Teflon tape is attached, carefully check whether there are small bubbles between the tape and the drying cylinder. If there is, you can use a sharp object such as a pin to exclude small bubbles, and flatten the tape at the B to tear off Tape at C, and finally stick B, and flatten the tape at B and D.