Teflon mesh conveyor belt is made of glass fiber fabric coated with PTFE resin, and according to the warp and weft are divided into single and double weft. With good performance of high temperature resistance, weather resistance, anti-aging, non-toxic, high strength, fire retardant, good permeability, acid and alkali resistant, widely used in all walks of life. In order to extend its service life, What matters in the use of maintenance procedures need to pay attention to?

In order to extend the service life of the belt, to ensure that the belt in the course of the operation has a good lubrication effect, use according to the use of environmental conditions should be from time to time to supplement or replace the bearing grease, the number of refueling can not be less than 1000 times / hour, oil starvation operation is strictly forbidden. In order to keep the net belt surface clean, the inlet and outlet no debris, should develop equipment maintenance and mesh belt with maintenance rules and regulations, and regularly eliminate the mesh belt and pipe dust and other debris, to keep the environment clean and tidy.

In the course of use, if you find the mesh belt with abnormal sound, motor serious fever, shell charged, switch tripping, can not start and so on, should immediately stop to checking. Teflon mesh belt operation should be prohibited when checking. After the first test run for five minutes, confirm that no abnormal phenomenon can boot. Disassemble and install the mesh belt, need Technical staff in the side to guide.

As the Teflon mesh conveyor belt running may occur deviation phenomenon, so the operation should be in the side of care, in the event of deviation phenomenon can be corrected, and do a good job entrance maintenance records.

Some parts of the conveyor equipment will affect the service life of the mesh belt, so if you want to extend its service life, also need inspect regular for transmission equipment on the driving wheel and the passive wheel and load roller.

Storage mesh belt, if it is open-air storage should be good rain measures, preferably stored in a dry environment, in order to avoid damage to the mesh belt, the mesh belt should be prevented from bumping during storage and handling.

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