The excellent non-stick properties of teflon conveyor belt are favored by food companies. More and more food companies are using teflon conveyor belt, and many of them are the first time to contact teflon conveyor belt. There are three points shall be noted:

1. Teflon conveyor belt is mainly used in the food industry. During transportation and storage, care should be taken to keep the conveyor belt clean, complete packaging and avoid exposure to sunlight. When not in use, stored teflon conveyor belts should avoid contact with acids, alkalis, oils and other organic solvents. The optimal storage temperature is between -18 c and 40 C.

2. The put-way of stored teflon conveyor belt is very important, teflon conveyor belt are rolled leaving the factory, as shown in the above picture, teflon conveyor belt must be rolled during storage, no folding, for long-term not use teflon conveyor belt need regular rotation, avoid damage due to long-term fixed position. We recommend one rotation every three months at least.

3. Before using teflon conveyor belt that has been stored for more than half a year, it is necessary to check carefully the joint position of the belt. The connection of the conveyor belt can only be connected with the same specification and type of the belt. It is prohibited to be connected between the belt with/without mesh, it is not allowed to connect the conveyor belt with different mesh sizes and type.

For food companies, the Teflon conveyor belt is an accessory during the production process and is consumable. Making good use of belt shall increase the life of the belt and reduce the production cost. If you have any questions during use the Teflon belt, you can contact our engineer ([email protected]). We offer free samples and technical service support.

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