Teflon conveyor belt in the course of the use of easily has some problems, how to improve its service life?

Rope-type conveyor belt transverse strength is insufficient, At startup, belt wheel will cause the local force of the conveyor belt is too large, causing the conveyor belt to tear. To avoid this problem, to extend the service life of the conveyor belt, can be any of the concave transition of the driving wheel at the wheel umbrella to change the claw belt roller.

To extend the life of the Teflon conveyor belt to prevent early damage, can be achieved by improving the conveyor belt hopper. By improving the hopper at the transfer of the belt conveyor, to increasing hopper the ability of through foreign material by 2.5 times, Long, large foreign body in the transport process is not easy to be stuck between the funnel wall and conveyor belt, and effectively reduce the damage to the conveyor belt, the hopper is improved, the gap between the skirting board and the net belt of the hopper is running in the direction of the conveyor belt, and the material will not be stuck between the conveyor belt and the baffle plate, thus eliminating the damage of the mesh belt caused thereby.

To ensure that the conveyor belt does not appear folded, the phenomenon of the middle of the bulge, to reduce the wear and tear of the conveyor belt surface, can be improved by the conveyor head, tail and intermediate transfer of the transition length and transition method to achieve, but also to avoid the phenomenon of the blanking at the material leakage.

Teflon conveyor belts are consumables, so the use of life is not very long, which requires reasonable use and maintenance in order to extend its service life. Maintenance and maintenance of conveyor belt should be adjusted in accordance with seasonal changes along the correction device, plus sunscreen and winter maintenance and other measures. From the start to the late use should pay attention to maintenance.