During the use of Teflon mesh belt, often encounter slipping, then how to deal with such a problem?

The tension of Teflon mesh belt on both sides is too small, the slipping caused by the tension of the mesh belt from the drum is not enough, this situation generally occurs in the start, the solution is to adjust the tension device, increase the friction of mesh belt and the drive shaft.

Passive bearing damage does not turn or up and down the roller bearing damage does not turn, causing damage to the end of the floating too much, there is no timely repair and replacement has been damaged or rotating parts are not flexible, so that increased resistance caused by slipping.

Point power start too fast can also form a slip, at this time can be slow start, can also use Tyrone reducer, but also can effectively overcome the slip phenomenon.

Teflon mesh with too large load will also cause slipping. At this point the favorable side of the slip is the motor played a protective role. Otherwise a long time reducer or motor will be burned.

The friction between the drive shaft and the mesh belt is not enough to cause slipping, and the reason is that there is water or environmental humidity. The solution is in the roller coated with PVC adhesive tape.

Teflon mesh belt with regular maintenance and repair, so that can enlarge the use value of mesh belt, reduce the cost of investment and increase the production efficiency of enterprise products.

Regularly check whether the mesh belt surface is flat, with or without garbage or oil.
Regularly check whether the mesh belt with the driving wheel and passive wheel is loose, and timely adjustment.
Regularly check the mesh belt with or without elongation elongation phenomenon.
Regularly check the mesh belt dryer driving wheel and driven wheel is rotating properly, you can add regular lubricants.
Periodically check the mesh belt edge and joints, to avoid damage due to the mesh belt deviation caused by deviation and packet edge off.

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