Common conveyor belt
Conveyor belt is the main component of tape conveyor, plays the role of carrying materials, it is widely used in steel, coal, alloys, chemicals, building materials, food and other industries.
Using a conveyor belt as a transport carrier compared with its mode of transport, it has advantages of the operation of safe, easy to use, easy maintenance, low freight and can achieve continuous, shorten the transport distance and so on. In a certain range, it has become a highway, rail transport alternative.
This type of conveyor belt is suitable for general conditions of transport without special corrosive normal temperature block, granular, powdery material.

EP conveyor belt compared with ordinary cotton core conveyor belt, it has advantages of high strength, good elasticity, impact resistance, light weight, good groove, etc., It can effectively reduce costs, to achieve high-speed, large span and long-distance transport.
In addition to the advantages of nylon conveyor belt, polyester conveyor belt (EP) also has the unique advantages of small elongation and wet strength does not reduce. This is especially important for long-distance transport and wet working conditions.

Heat-resistant conveyor belt
Heat-resistant conveyor belt is main used for transport high temperature materials, such as sinter, hot coke, cement clinker, hot castings and so on.

Acid resistant and alkali resistant conveyor belt
This kind of conveyor belt is suitable for the work environment in contact with the acid and alkali , such as phosphate fertilizer manufacturing and obtaining salt by evaporating brine.

The whole core flame retardant conveyor belt
This kind of conveyor belt has the characteristics of large strength, large transport capacity and transportation balance, it also has good flame retardant, anti-static, impact resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and other properties. This product is mainly used for underground mine transportation, can also be used for the material transport of metallurgy and chemical industry. The whole core flame retardant conveyor belt can be divided into PVC type and PVG type.

Pattern conveyor belt
Inclination 0-45 degree to prevent material decline, improve the transport capacity.
According to the coverage of different performance is divided into ordinary type, oil resistant type, acid and alkali resistant type , heat resistant type and so on.

Rubber lifting conveyor belt
This kind of conveyor belt is made of multi-layer hanging fabric stacking, it should generally covered rubber in the core of the conveyor belt.

Oil-resistant conveyor belt covered with high-acrylonitrile-based nitrile rubber as the main material.

Rubber sealing conveyor belt is generally used in large concrete structures such as dams, reservoirs, basements and so on.

Corrugated conveyor belt

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