When you select Teflon tape, the first turn back and forth different products, fold the same number of times, carefully observe whether the product will appear cracks, or coating drop, or there are white marks, if any, that product quality is not good. Usually, high quality Teflon tape with very smooth surface and a certain gloss, poor quality of the product surface is very rough, and the surface is not shiny, which can feel through the touch.

In addition to the above method, you can also use your fingers to scratch the coating, if the coating is easy to be scraped, then that product quality is poor; Carefully observe Teflon tape, if the quality is poor, the surface will have a clear white cracks, and glass fiber yarn has traces of leakage.

Teflon mesh conveyor belt with brown, beige, black and other colors. These colors have different functions, but not most people think that these colors are the same.

Teflon mesh conveyor belt in the production process, glass fiber mesh cloth impregnated with suspension Teflon emulsion, after drying to form brown color, There is no problem if brown color Teflon mesh conveyor belt through the infrared dryer, but if through ultraviolet radiation, the color will be changed to white, thus affecting product quality. In order to anti-ultraviolet, in the production process will be added to anti-ultraviolet and anti-static ingredients, but the color of the ingredients are black color, than the produced anti-ultraviolet and anti-static Teflon products are black, so if it is used for UV light curing machine and other ultraviolet occasions, you must choose a black Teflon mesh belt, for other occasions can direct to use brown.Teflon mesh belt.

As the production process of black Teflon mesh belt is cockamamie, but the performance is very good, so the price is expensive than brown color and white color belt. Should be based on the actual use of occasions to select the suitable Teflon mesh conveyor belt.

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