The main damages of Teflon mesh conveyor belt are mesh wear, covered edge wear, joint damage, mesh belt elongation and Teflon coating off, the most serious is the mesh surface damage, joint damage and covered edge wear.

Mesh surface wear mainly is the filament breaks during use, as mesh banding caused by tearing the mouth is getting bigger and bigger, we can not can not use sharp objects with the mesh surface friction in the production process.

Covered edge wear mainly is caused by deviation, once the Teflon mesh conveyor belt running deviation, it is easy to cause the covered edges have intense friction with conveyor baffle on both sides, causing damage to the mesh belt edges, so Teflon mesh conveyor belt in the course of the deviation should be corrected in time.

There are two main causes of joint damage, one is Teflon mesh conveyor belt factory use unqualified joints, or the joints are not sewn 7 times Kevlar high temperature string. Another is customers adjust the mesh belt too tight and the use of Teflon mesh conveyor belt with too long time, resulting to joints aging and loose.

Above are some effective ways to protect the Teflon mesh conveyor belt effectively.