Teflon conveyor belt is now more and more widely used in food baking industry, it can be used as conveyor mesh belt drying food, such as drying chrysanthemum, dehydrated vegetables, soybeans, peanuts, wheat and so on. Can also be used as a food grill mesh baking mat to baking moon cake, biscuits, bread, pie and so on. The most common application is as drying conveyor mesh belt. Why Teflon mesh belt can be applied to food baking? Why Teflon mesh belt can improve the production efficiency of food baking enterprises, product quality and reduce cost?

Teflon conveyor belt with excellent high temperature performance, Although the high temperature performance of stainless steel mesh belt even better than Teflon mesh belt, but stainless steel mesh belt is easy to rust and easy to damage food.

Teflon conveyor belt with a strong non-stick and anti-sticking effect, it is not easy to stick to flour, edible oil, starch, sugar, and easy to clean.

Teflon conveyor belt with its own high tensile strength, and fatigue resistance, not easy to break, the most important is the use in harsh environments does not affect its physical and chemical properties.

Teflon conveyor belt will not release toxic gases and other substances, Teflon non-stick pan is a good example.

Teflon conveyor belt with a long service life, so you can greatly reduce the production inputs, and food companies can repair damaged mesh belts by themselves.

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