Teflon conveyor belt has properties of a high temperature resistance, good insulation, corrosion resistance, good air permeability, low coefficient of friction table machine, etc. It is widely used in printing drying belt, UV drying, textile printing, rapid drying Offset, bonders, pine-dryer, high frequency dryer, solvent-based inks, UV series, screen printing, light aircraft, food baking machine belt, garment dyeing and drying of water containing articles and a series of devices. The specific applications are below:

Plastic products welding, Welding cloth; Plastic sheet, film, heat sealing sheet lining; Microwave gaskets, oven tablets, food drying; Flexible compensator, friction material, grinding wheel slices; heat-resistant coating; laminated substrate, insulation dressing; bonding machine belt, transfer printing hot table cloth, carpet adhesive curing conveyor belt, rubber vulcanized conveyor belt, Curing from the type of cloth. Used in the construction of the various sports venues of the roof and Corrosion-resistant coating of various petrochemical pipelines, environmental desulfurization of power plant waste. According to different thickness, which can be used for a variety of drying machinery conveyor belt, adhesive tape, sealing tape and so on. Electrical insulation belt-based, septa, gaskets, washers. High frequency CCL board. Pressure-sensitive adhesive tape base fabric and special processing can be produced after the “anti-static cloth”.

The main joint types of Teflon conveyor belt are soft joint and steel buckle joint, Soft joint commonly known as bullnose joint. Teflon high-temperature cloth joints are docking, lap, thin lap, steel buckle joint and more. No matter what kind of joint, joint process on the life of Teflon conveyor belt has a very important impact, which is not only the conveyor belt itself can affect the material.

To make soft joint, first of all, the two sides of the connector for docking, and the accessories Teflon plugs into the kevlar circle; And then with the side of the high-temperature cloth tile to the other side of the above. When it is tiled, which can cover one side of the bullnose joint, and then use the equipped Kevlar thread with a needle to wear, and the other side of the joints can be sewn on, just need to sew two on it, and also block the bullnose joint so that the material does not extend into the joint. Checking the cover is sewn after the cover is not already covered in the joint above, to ensure that the operation will not be set off.