Teflon Mesh Conveyor Belt

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PTFE Mesh Conveyor Belts

PTFE Mesh Conveyor Belts

PTFE mesh conveyor belt is made of fiberglass mesh or aramid(Kevlar) mesh impregnated with PTFE(Teflon). The belts combine the non-stick surface and heat resistance of polytetrafluoroethylene and with the strength and dimensional stability of Fiberglass/Kevlar.
The unique behaviour of these materials results in a product that is more practical and cost-effective than conventional belting materials which is ideal for the demands of many different industrial conveyor applications.
Main mesh size: 1mm*1mm, 2mm*2.5mm, 4mm*4mm, 8mm*8mm and 10mm*10mm
Color: Brown, Black or Beige
Size can be customized , please contact us to get more information . you can leave a message, we will contact you as soon as possible.

About Teflon Belt

Teflon belt mesh size

Normal mesh size: 1mm*1mm, 2mm*2.5mm, 4mm*4mm, 8mm*8mm and 10mm*10mm.

Teflon belt size

Our Teflon mesh conveyor belts can be made up to 175’’ wide in any length. Size can be customized.

Teflon belt uses

Teflon belts are used in a variety of applications where materials are handled in a high heat environment.

ptfe belt

Main properties:

* High temperature resistance – working range: -70℃~260℃.
* Non-sticky, stains can be easily removed.
* Chemical resistance, resisting all kinds of organic solvent.
* Good dimensional stability, high strength, excellent mechanical properties.
* Anti bending fatigue, can be used for smaller wheel diameter.
* Drug resistance, non-toxic. Resistant to almost all pharmaceutical items.
*Air permeability, reducing heat consumption, improving drying efficiency.

Main applications:

Conveyor belt of drying machine for non-woven textile, textile printing and silk-printing.

Conveyor belt of shrinking machine for garment fabric, high-frequency and UV dryer

Conveyor belt for hot-air dryer, quick-frozen machinery.

Conveyor belt of oiling machine for paper glazing and waxing, plant engineering

Conveyor belt for sealing auto packing machines.

For various of food and drugs processing, packaging and handling.

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